Even though we collect and sell vintage stickers, we are always in the market for purchasing vintage 80's and 90's stickers as well. If you have a sticker collection that you are wondering what to do with, please contact us at ♦

God Bless!!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Album For Sale

Hey, folks! I just wanted to let you know that I have another (or will in a few minutes) have another whopping HUGE 142 page 80's childhood sticker album listed on eBay...under username "missmidie". Unfortunately this time all the stickers are stuck to the pages.

But one fun tool I found greatly useful for collecting vintage stickers is a machine called a Xyron sticker maker. You can find it at Walmart or your local craft store. It was actually designed for scrapbookers but it works awesome for us sticker collectors too. You can run any shape item (or non sticky sticker) through it and is applies an adhesive to the back and adds a batteries or power needed. Just crank the handle and out comes a sticker. So cool!! I love using it for restickying old stickers that lost their stick. It works like a charm. And you can just restick them to their old backings. The best sticker collecting tool out there (besides the albums).

So just use your Xyron sticker maker to restick the backs of some of these old stickers from your "stuck" albums and place them is your sticker books. It's fun and easy to do.

I'm also working on filling another sticker album (with all stickers on original backings) that I hope to have listed on eBay by next month (December). So please keep an eye out for that coming up as well. :)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Finally Finished! Whew!

Okay, it's been like 6 months or more since I have had the pictures of my unicorn sticker albums from my personal collection totally updated but I finally buckled down today and finished the 8 hour project. Whew! I can't believe it's done...or it took me that long. lol But there are now 197 pages of different unicorn stickers for your viewing pleasure. ;) well as all the pictures in my "want" list. So if you like unicorn stickers this is the place...well actually my unicorn blog is really. lol So please check out the links just to the right to see more.

But I just wanted to stop by and let all you awesome folks out there know that it's finally done again!! lol

Also, I am currently and will be listing more of my personal collection of 80's stickers on eBay over the next few weeks if you want to stop in and check it out.



Sunday, August 29, 2010

A World Of Unicorn Stickers!

Hello folks :), I just started a new blog for unicorn/pegasus stickers ONLY as those are my all-time favorite stickers and I felt it fitting to create the very first unicorn stickers website for all you awesome uni and sticker collectors out there to use. I will be compiling as much info, links, and pics about unicorn stickers as I can fit on there...all coming soon so check on there often please. ☺ Thanks!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Unicorn Stickers...Needed!!! lol

Hello guys, long time no chat I been pretty busy this summer. lol But I've been posting new pics every now and then if any of you great folks have been checking in. ;) Again, I've been pretty busy but I did want to post that I just got a bunch of new pics done and added a new link to the right there...okay so there are a couple of links since I posted last. But I want to tell about the link to the unicorn stickers I am still looking and hunting for for my collection. If any of you have those unicorn/pegasus stickers in that Flickr photo album there that you have available for sale or trade please let me know as I'm very VERY interested. lol Thanks!!

I'm going to need to just take some time here and post all the new "news" (not that there really is much). But I know I'm a bit behind on the posts here. Though I do check in here a couple times a week and am still almost always pretty much working on new pics for you guys to see (especially the "Unicorns Wanted". So I haven't forgotten about my blog by no means. Just slow at posting on it. lol I do also badly need to finish updating my unicorn album as I'm now about 75-100 pages behind on updates at the's been that long and I've collected that much since then...I know!! lol Though I did manage to get updated as far as picture "IFS Unicorns" in my Flickr unicorn album if you want to check it out...more updated pics coming real soon. I promise. ;)


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 More Album Lots Now On eBay

Hello everybody, I listed a total of 4 more albums on eBay today. I really need to clean house and make some room in here and that means some of these extras stix gotta go. lol I might list one or two more in the next few weeks so please keep watch if any of you collectors are interested. Thanks so much guys and have a great week!! ;)


Monday, February 1, 2010

One World One Heart Giveaway

This contest is now closed. Thank you so very much to you all who stopped in and participated. The winner of this set of stickers is entry #85. Thanks you guys and hope to see you all next year. ;)

Hello and welcome to chilly northern Minnesota, all you great folks around the world. :o) Please, come on in and warm up!

Let me start by saying, this blog post is about a wonderful event first created in 2007 by a gal who is the author of the blog "A Whimsical Bohemian", an international event created to allow bloggers from around the world a chance to meet and connect with one another, and to help create friendships that span the globe.

From January 25th through February 15th bloggers around the world are invited to participate, where each blog will have one or more wonderful items to give away. I decided to join this fun and exciting OWOH event in hopes to meet many new folks as well as to get a chance to share one of my latest passions. Perhaps I may find some others out there that also collect or just to give a fun chance to walk down memory lane. (which is why I enjoy this fun hobby so much...memories!)

I collect vintage stickers made in the 80's and have a pretty good size collection going now. And this is the free gift I am offering with this event. A large lot of collectible vintage 80's, 90's, and current stickers that you can do with what you wish. Use your wonderful imagination. Perhaps you'd like to start a collection yourself, use them in your scrapbooking, pass them on to a child, or just enjoy the way they are...the possibilities are truly endless. But these are all New Old Stock just off the factory roll or still in the package. These are not from previous collections and none of them have been used so they are all in wonderful condition from a smoke free home.

To be eligible to win this wonderful collection of stickers, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post including a link or email address so that I may contact you should you be the lucky winner. I will be drawing for the winner on February 15th at 6 pm central time (any entries posted after this time will not qualify, sorry!). Anyone worldwide may enter!

♥♥ The winner will be announced at 9 pm (central standard time) February 15th ♥♥

Thank you all so much for stopping in. I hope you got a chance to warm yourselves as well as a chance to look around. ;) God bless!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unicorn Album Pics Done

Just stopping in to say that I finally got all the pictures done from my unicorn albums...FINALLY!! lol So they are ready for viewing if you want to take a peek. I also updated a few of the pictures in the album as I got a few more uni stix that I added. ;)

Thanks so much for your patience, guys. Now I just have to finish posting the rest of my collection. Ugh! lol


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Albums for sale

Okay, I decided to break up that huge 7 album collection and I am now selling each album individually. I have 2 currently posted on eBay and a different separate one not part of that set for sale on Etsy. So I now have a total of 3 albums currently up for sale for any folks out there looking for full albums to purchase. And the best news is almost all the stickers in the albums are in great condition. ;)

I will be listing a couple of those albums each month. And, I'll keep you all updated when more of them will be listed or if any are purchased. Thanks!!

***UPDATE!! - first 2 albums on eBay are now SOLD!! More to be listed in about 2 weeks! And album on Etsy has been moved to eBay!!


Cardesign & Oilies pics done

Okay, I got a few more pics of my collection up for you all to see...yeah!!! lol I finished taking pics of my Cardesign and Oilies collections and posted them. You'll see the links on the right side. ;)

Again, as you can see I included pics from my unicorn album in with them so you can see my complete collection of those brands. Thanks for stopping in and keep checking back for more pics coming soon.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sniffs Pics Done!!

I finally got my pics of my sniffs done and up to date for you to take a peek. ;) Still working on the rest. But now I started painting again and it all takes my time. lol I'm going to try to finish the unicorns and maybe get my Cardesigns or my Sandylions posted soon....though the Cardesigns will be quicker. lol


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just Posted New Pics...Lisa Frank

I finally just posted pictures of my Lisa Frank collection if you want to take a peek. Boy, it takes some time to do that whole process...but I'm getting more done. lol ;) Some you'll notice seem like repeats mixed in there because I have combined the LFs from my unicorn album and the ones from my brands albums together there. So I do have a few dupes.

And I also added pictures of my actual childhood collection too. But those are all stuck to the pages unfortunately. :(

I do have a few more pages of LFs to add when I get pictures of a collection I am working on. I am trying to recreate my entire childhood collection best I can from memory as I had several albums. lol So I would also like to add pictures of that collection when I get them. Ugh, so much to little time. lol

Anyway, the link is at the right if you want to stop in and check it out. Thanks!!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Sticker Album For Sale Now Posted On eBay

I hope the New Year so far has been a good one for all you awesome collectors out there. ;) It's so far been rather cold for us here. We are supposed to get down to -25 below tonight...brrr! lol But that's January for us.

Well, I just wanted to let anyone who may be interested know that I have listed a 42 page 80's sticker album for sale in my eBay listings. I have also included in the listing a link to view all the pictures of the album. I will be listing 10 more albums between eBay and Etsy in the near future but I have one listed for you so far. ;)

Thank so much...and stay warm!! ;) Happy New Year!!!!