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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Collection Up For Sale!!!!

I'm selling out a good most of my personal collection on eBay today and tomorrow for anyone who may be interested in purchasing a few pieces from my collection. There is just too many wonderful vintage 80's stickers in this world for me to be able to have such a huge and awesome collection collecting them all. I need the space in my's time to start painting. ;) I am keeping a few favorite brands (Sandylion, Lisa Frank, Hambly, Oilies, BJ, Garfield) and my unicorns and childhood stickers. I have already sold a bunch of stickers from my collection a few months back but the main bulk of the best of my collection is being sold on eBay TODAY and TOMORROW folks. It will all go up on auction for one week so all items will close next week.

Thanks guys for everything!