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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A World Of Unicorn Stickers!

Hello folks :), I just started a new blog for unicorn/pegasus stickers ONLY as those are my all-time favorite stickers and I felt it fitting to create the very first unicorn stickers website for all you awesome uni and sticker collectors out there to use. I will be compiling as much info, links, and pics about unicorn stickers as I can fit on there...all coming soon so check on there often please. ☺ Thanks!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Unicorn Stickers...Needed!!! lol

Hello guys, long time no chat I been pretty busy this summer. lol But I've been posting new pics every now and then if any of you great folks have been checking in. ;) Again, I've been pretty busy but I did want to post that I just got a bunch of new pics done and added a new link to the right there...okay so there are a couple of links since I posted last. But I want to tell about the link to the unicorn stickers I am still looking and hunting for for my collection. If any of you have those unicorn/pegasus stickers in that Flickr photo album there that you have available for sale or trade please let me know as I'm very VERY interested. lol Thanks!!

I'm going to need to just take some time here and post all the new "news" (not that there really is much). But I know I'm a bit behind on the posts here. Though I do check in here a couple times a week and am still almost always pretty much working on new pics for you guys to see (especially the "Unicorns Wanted". So I haven't forgotten about my blog by no means. Just slow at posting on it. lol I do also badly need to finish updating my unicorn album as I'm now about 75-100 pages behind on updates at the's been that long and I've collected that much since then...I know!! lol Though I did manage to get updated as far as picture "IFS Unicorns" in my Flickr unicorn album if you want to check it out...more updated pics coming real soon. I promise. ;)