Even though we collect and sell vintage stickers, we are always in the market for purchasing vintage 80's and 90's stickers as well. If you have a sticker collection that you are wondering what to do with, please contact us at ♦

God Bless!!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some New Pics Posted

I got a few new pictures of both the unicorns and the sniffs albums posted for you to see. I changed the stickers in both albums around so the are now organized alphabetically by brands. There are many more pics of the unicorns and sniffs to come so check back often. ;)


Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!! and a Happy New Year!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Massive Collection

Well, that massive collection did not meet the reserve so it did not sell last night. I'm kind of bummed as I really needed the money for Christmas and such, but I think many other folks are thinking the same exact thing. lol So I will try to sell it one more time in late January to early February and see what happens. If no one is interested in it as a whole I think I will continue to part it out...maybe. lol Depending on how energetic I feel then as it is greatly time consuming with so many like that.

I also have another set of 3 smaller albums to sell but I am not sure just when and for how much yet. I will taking pictures of them real soon for you curious folks out there and post. ;) But I have a couple other things I need to get to first.

If any of you are interested in either of these 80's sticker album collections just let me know as they are both available for sale and will be until sold. lol Like I said I need to take pictures of the second collection yet but I just wanted to let you awesome collectors know. ;) If you are interested in the first (and massive) 7 album collection pictued below in November 27th's post just shoot me a reasonable offer. The second (and smaller) 3 album collection will be posted soon.

Thanks and have a great week.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Finally Working On Redoing Stix Pix

Okay, you guys are going to be noticing a lot of my pictures missing and albums no longer available and not a whole lot of pics posted at the moment...I'm finally working on getting this 9 album collection of mine posted. So please be patient as things are moved around, deleted, redone, and added to. lol

I am starting with my unicorn album and will be working on taking and editing pictures of it for the next several days now. But I will post when the album is completed and ready for viewing again. ;)

Again, thank you for your patience and make sure to check back soon and often for things changing. Have a great weekend guys!!


Friday, November 27, 2009

Selling a MASSIVE collection soon!!!

I've been pretty busy here, but I hope you all had a richly blessed and joyful Thanksgiving. I know we did and I am truly thankful for it. ;) Everything turned out wonderful except how tuckered out I am now. lol But that's what the leftovers are for right? mom can get a week's worth of recouping.

Though unfortunately, my hubby was just laid off again for the second time right before this Thanksgiving. So I decided to sell off most of a large collection of stickers I acquired not too long ago and I will be listing it on eBay in the next few days here. It's a massive collection of 7 full albums with a total of about 350+ pages of late 1970's and early 1980's vintage stickers in pretty good condition. I will be posting pictures of the complete collection and having a link in the eBay auction for you to get to see all the stickers that are included with this massive huge lot. But, because it is so large, this collection will have a reserve though I will also consider any reasonable "Buy It Now" offers as well. Though, if the albums do not meet the reserve I probably will just continue to part them out as single mods and sheets.

Here is the link to see all photos of what's in the albums - What's In Those 7 Albums?

I have included a couple pictures here of the albums that will be up for sale for you to get a quick sneak peek if you would like. ;) There are a bunch of mods in this collection but actually has mostly sheets. At any rate, it is a crazy amount of vintage stickers here.

Well, I should get back to nursing this silly cold I just got today from such an energy demanding last few days. I need to regain my strength so I can get to the large task of getting this auction listed for all you wonderful collectors out there. ;) You all take care and have a wonderful weekend!! God bless!!


**UPDATE** I will be listing this massive collection this evening (Sunday, November 29th) on eBay as I now have everything ready to go. Good luck to all you awesome collectors out there. ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still waiting? lol

Well guys, I will be setting up a few photo sharing accounts and start taking and loading up pictures of my whole collection soon. Though, I ended up purchasing another pretty large collection of stickers that will need to be sorted out first before I can begin that large task of photographing. I will also be adding a few of these "new" stickers to my sticker collection and everything in my collection will probably end up changing a bit so instead of starting the whole picture process now I am going to wait until I have EVERYTHING ready. lol

I am really anxious to get started here but I must remind myself that patience is a virtue. ;) And I greatly appreciate the patience you awesome folks have as well as I know I have been a bit slow at getting my whole collection posted and I've been keeping you all waiting so long. So, I have included yet another photo of my 80's sticker albums to help keep the excitement going. ;) Thanks guys and God bless!!



Monday, October 12, 2009

I Need To Finish Posting My Collection

I know it's been a while since I've posted more pictures of my vintage 1980's sticker collection. I've actually been pretty busy getting ready for winter as well as with school starting last month and now I've stepped up my painting on eBay. I haven't forgotten about my blog. I peek in on pretty often but I just haven't had the time to post much.

I will be posting pictures of the rest of my collection later this Fall through Winter. It's going to take me some time as I have 6-7 huge albums FULL!!! Plus, when I keep adding to them it makes it hard to decide just when to start taking pictures cause it might change. lol

I thank you all for your patience and please check back soon!! And to wet your appetite here a few more pictures of my albums.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Busy Working On Building My Collection

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. Summer has me busy and now I am relisting stix on eBay as well as adding more to my collection. I need to start adding more and updating my pictures here as the collection is still ever growing. My sniffs has grown some but I have been trying to keep the unicorns as current as I can...there just isn't enough hours in a day to get done all I want to. lol

We've had birthdays and family visiting and outdoor summer parties keeping us busy as well as my gardening that I just love. So now that it's not winter my sticker selling/collecting/blogging is slowing down. But I am trying to keep things going as much as possible at the moment. Please check out my eBay listings as well as Etsy as I am trying to add new items all the time. More pictures here will be coming soon as well as updated pics but I need a spare moment to do all that. lol


Monday, May 11, 2009

So where did the name "Miss Midie" come from?

I had sold artwork on eBay for a while and when I decided I wanted to sell stickers I didn't want to use that account and get my customers all mixed up and confused so I needed a new account just for buying and selling these wonderful vintage stickers.

I decided to name my new account after one of our cats of course. :o) She is a beautiful jet black cat with a white marking on her neck as well as white all over her tummy. We named her "Midie" which is short for Midnight. And one day when talking to her "Miss Midie" came out my mouth and it stuck as it sounded just right for her. So that was my new sticker account name and I used a piece of my artwork with a black cat for my avatar which all just seemed to fit perfectly as well.

So I know it might have seemed like a bit of an odd name but when you see just what it means it's actually really cute. :o)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello & Welcome!

I decided to create a blog for sharing my current vintage 1980's sticker collection. I started collecting (I should say recollecting) in May of 2008. I had a few smaller collections as a kid but never kept them on their backings so when I wanted to move stickers around I ended up ruining them instead. The biggest heartbreak for me though was when my prized unicorn and other favorites collection was stolen one recess afternoon on the playground. I was SO heartbroken. I spent allowances, birthday money, and whatever other money I had building it and even taking several years to do it too. I remember having dreams about my favorite stickers and hoping one day I'd see them again. But I never did find that precious collection sadly.

So last Spring I had a wonderful idea to try and see if I could still buy 80's stickers on the internet...mostly eBay of course. To my grand amazement there was SSOOOO many of them on there...and not cheap either. I wasn't the only one I guess that had the idea to recollect or continue where I left off so many years ago.

I have to admit I went a little overboard with the buying and collecting for a while. I used my artwork sales to help support the new found fun and gained quite a huge collection in a very short time. Any extra stickers that I came across I got my grade school daughter into collecting with me. She has a pretty large collection herself now and is having just as much fun as me. lol She even started a sticker club in her class because she would bring her collection to school and her friends wanted to start a collection as well.

I finally decided to resell stickers and opened shop on eBay to help pay for my collecting as sales slowed way down for my art and sticker sales were still going pretty strong for others. I am now having so much fun collecting and selling and meeting a lot of awesome folks who share the same passion. I even opened another sticker shop on Etsy due to the great success of sales and how appreciative collectors were for me offering these little gems from our childhood. I have links to my shops on the righthand side if you want to stop in and take a peek. :o)