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Friday, January 20, 2017

Selling My Personal Scratch n Sniff Sticker Collection

I've been weighing the decision to sell my scratch and sniff stickers for a while now. They are cool and have another fun dimension than most standard regular stickers, but they are not my favorite. And my overall sticker collection is growing much too big for my storage. Plus, Christmas has put me in a position that helped to make the final decision. So here it is folks, my entire scratch and sniff collection is now up for grabs.

There is a full 90 page album along with a few unopened packs. I'm even including 7 extra pages with a Trend catalog and mini Trend album. Most of the stickers here have scent as that was my criteria when collecting. They do still smell when gently rubbed with the flat of a finger. I tried to keep the ones with the least scratches naturally as well. But scent was my biggest thing. Yes, most have no scratches while a few do. And there's even a few with no scent as well. But most smell nice...even after 30+ years. Some 35 to 40 years old now. ;)

I am offering it on my website for 2 weeks and then it will move to eBay if there is no interest. There is even free shipping and the 7 bonus pages plus a Trend catalog and mini Trend album pictured if you purchase it from my website.

I don't think I'll have a collection like this to offer again as this took me about 8 years of casual collecting to get his far. So if you're a scratch n sniff sticker enthusiast don't pass up the chance to own this collection.

To view all 62 pictures of this collection, I have them posted on Flickr as well as my website.

Thanks and have a great day. :)