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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

If You Love Scratch n Sniff Stickers...

We just listed a large lot of 12 different scented matte Smurf stickers on our website for anyone who is an 80's scratch n sniff sticker fan!! The 12 assorted scents are banana, bubble gum, cherry, chocolate, grape, orange, peanut butter, peppermint, root beer, rose, spearmint, and strawberry. 

Scented Smurf stickers...can't get anymore 80's than that. ;)

Hey, we are now up to 78 "likes" on our Facebook page. When we get to 100 "likes" we will be having a fun sticker contest for anyone who wants to join in. It will be mostly just for fun but we may even give a small prize to the winner. Either way, come join in all the sticky fun with us on Facebook. :)

Also, now until March 31 we are having an awesome Spring Sale on our website. Get 20% off your entire purchase (not including shipping) with coupon code - SPRINGCLEANING13.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More Stickers!!!!

Hello everybody!! :) Just want to post that I have just finished listing a bunch more stickers on our website this evening if you'd like to stop by and take a peek.

Also, please stop by our website and sign up for our emails (we do not send spam, promise). We will be releasing out another valuable coupon code for our website in our newsletter for spring really soon!!!! :)

Also, if anybody wants to come join us on Facebook, we are having a bunch of fun!! I am currently working on posting some of my personal sticker collection as well as artwork I've recently done and fun pictures I've taken. I have posted a really cool video of inside Lisa Frank's factory and another on Mrs. Grossman's that show how stickers are made. Or come join in the fun polls all about stickers!!! And it's all on our awesome fun Facebook page!!!