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Friday, November 27, 2009

Selling a MASSIVE collection soon!!!

I've been pretty busy here, but I hope you all had a richly blessed and joyful Thanksgiving. I know we did and I am truly thankful for it. ;) Everything turned out wonderful except how tuckered out I am now. lol But that's what the leftovers are for right? mom can get a week's worth of recouping.

Though unfortunately, my hubby was just laid off again for the second time right before this Thanksgiving. So I decided to sell off most of a large collection of stickers I acquired not too long ago and I will be listing it on eBay in the next few days here. It's a massive collection of 7 full albums with a total of about 350+ pages of late 1970's and early 1980's vintage stickers in pretty good condition. I will be posting pictures of the complete collection and having a link in the eBay auction for you to get to see all the stickers that are included with this massive huge lot. But, because it is so large, this collection will have a reserve though I will also consider any reasonable "Buy It Now" offers as well. Though, if the albums do not meet the reserve I probably will just continue to part them out as single mods and sheets.

Here is the link to see all photos of what's in the albums - What's In Those 7 Albums?

I have included a couple pictures here of the albums that will be up for sale for you to get a quick sneak peek if you would like. ;) There are a bunch of mods in this collection but actually has mostly sheets. At any rate, it is a crazy amount of vintage stickers here.

Well, I should get back to nursing this silly cold I just got today from such an energy demanding last few days. I need to regain my strength so I can get to the large task of getting this auction listed for all you wonderful collectors out there. ;) You all take care and have a wonderful weekend!! God bless!!


**UPDATE** I will be listing this massive collection this evening (Sunday, November 29th) on eBay as I now have everything ready to go. Good luck to all you awesome collectors out there. ;)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still waiting? lol

Well guys, I will be setting up a few photo sharing accounts and start taking and loading up pictures of my whole collection soon. Though, I ended up purchasing another pretty large collection of stickers that will need to be sorted out first before I can begin that large task of photographing. I will also be adding a few of these "new" stickers to my sticker collection and everything in my collection will probably end up changing a bit so instead of starting the whole picture process now I am going to wait until I have EVERYTHING ready. lol

I am really anxious to get started here but I must remind myself that patience is a virtue. ;) And I greatly appreciate the patience you awesome folks have as well as I know I have been a bit slow at getting my whole collection posted and I've been keeping you all waiting so long. So, I have included yet another photo of my 80's sticker albums to help keep the excitement going. ;) Thanks guys and God bless!!