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Friday, May 10, 2013

New In Our Store!!!!

Our sticker shop selections continues to grow. :) Now new in our sticker store, ERASERS!!!! Just like we had when we were kids in the 80's. Honestly, what 80's stickers shop is complete without cool colorful erasers? lol Stop in and check out the designs we currently have available. These cuties are not vintage but we will be getting a few vintage 80's erasers in as well for all you awesome fans and collectors out there.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wow, We did it. We've now hit 100 "Likes" on Facebook! Yay! In celebration, we are having a contest on Facebook starting today and everybody who wishes to participate is invited to join in. Please note that this contest is entirely for fun and the winner will get to be our June "80's Sticker Fan of The Month". But if we get enough Facebook fans to join in we will also donate a small "sticker" prize to the winner as well

Contest - Submit a photo of your childhood sticker collection on our Facebook wall then vote for your favorite/s after we repost them in our designated photo album. You do not have to submit a photo to be able to vote.

Rules - Please submit ONE photo to our Facebook wall that best represents your childhood sticker album or collection. It can be a picture of your actual childhood sticker album/collection or a picture of an example of what your childhood sticker collection was like from stickers you've collected after your childhood. If you've never had a childhood sticker album or collection but currently have one now, please feel free to submit that. If you currently have kids today that wish to enter their collections they are welcome to enter in as well. Be creative with your pictures. It can be done in anyway you wish. Please just keep all entries and comments family friendly. lol Thanks!

*Important note, please remember to honor and respect other fans and do not repost their photos as your own.*

If you no longer have your childhood sticker collection but you would still like to participate, perhaps you can make a creative compilation of what your collection was like with sticker pictures from around the internet. With so many photo editing options available these days this can be done really fun and unique to you. Again, please honor all others' photos and always ask permission to use anything not of your own.

We will accept only one photo entry per fan. After a photo entry has been posted to our wall we will move it into our "Fans' Childhood Sticker Collections" photo album where each of you can vote on the photo/s you like best. To keep it easy and simple and all in one place, please only vote for photos in our designated photo album, any votes on photos on our wall will not count. Otherwise it gets a bit confusing for everyone.

 The photo with the most "Likes" in our "Fans' Childhood Sticker Collections" photo album will be our winner. And don't forget to get your friends and family in on it too and have them help vote for your photo. 

Submissions and voting will end on May 31 at midnight Central Time. The winner will be announced June 1st to be our June "80's Sticker Fan of The Month".

We're excited to see all the fun sticker collections everyone has/had as a kid!! Please remember to be creative and most of all, HAVE FUN!!

Let the contest begin!!